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Testimonials will be updated from time to time. If you are satisfied with our product, please do not hesitate to send us a testimonial. You can send it to admin@1 Min

  1. Thank you very much for your HIV Test Kits. I bought 2 HIV Test Kits and they arrived very quickly, faster than I anticipated. I am tested negative and it really made my day. Few months of worrying day and night has come to an end.
  2. I had an unprotected sex few months ago as I was too drunk to think rationally. Few weeks later, I start to notice rashes at my private part. I went online and done some research and found out that it could be due to HIV. I was so worried. I too shy to get tested in the clinics or hospitals until I found out about this site.
  3. Thank you very much!!!! I am tested negative :)
  4. Very fast delivery. Will buy some more test kits from you if my condom ever break again. (fingers crossed).
  5. Great test kit, easy to use. And thank you so much for the support all the while.
  6. I will never have unprotected sex anymore. NEVER. By the way, I am safe.
  7. Previously, I ordered some test kits from other websites but they did not arrive in time. The custom officer called me up and told me there are custom charges for it. I tried to order from and they arrived in time and no charges on it at all. Will buy more from you again.
  8. Your product really made my day. I have just done my 2nd testing. I followed your instruction to make another test in 90 days. The result came out negative again. Thanks a lot.
  9. The test kits arrived 2 days ago. Get tested and everything is ok. Thanks
  10. Very efficient delivery with Fedex. Will definitely use it again.
  11. I bought the same test kit from other websites but it took them 3 weeks to reach me. Sometimes the items are held up by the custom and got delayed longer. Your Fedex delivery just take 2 days! Thanksssssssssss
  12. I have to say it. Your service is even faster than getting tested in local clinics. The kit arrived the next day and i got my results in just 5 mins. Cheers.
  13. I would definitely order from you again.
  14. The Fedex service is just too great. I was away a few times when Fedex delivery guy came. He left me a door tag. I filled up the door tag and left it outside my house. Later in the afternoon, I saw a parcel lying at my door front. I do not even need to be at home to sign for it.
  15. Thank you so much for your prompt service. I was extremely impressed with the service your company provided in helping me.
  16. Very fast delivery. Thanks a lot. I will be loyal to my partner from now onwards.
  17. OMG. You wouldn't understand how happy i am right now to know that i am actually HIV negative. I have been worrying for the past 3-4 months. I was too afraid to get tested in the clinic. Few days ago i went for health screening and the result also show that i am HIV negative. I was told by the doctor that some of the test labs are using the same device. Thank you!!!
  18. Your test kit is really very easy to use. Quality is as good as being promised. Will recommend my friends to buy from you as well.
  19. I would like to recommend this product to everyone that i know off. This product is really good. I wonder why it is not sold in pharmacy. This can definitely help more people to get tested and take necessary precaution.
  20. This product is very useful to me. I have random partners and before we have sex, we will use the test kit first. It is nice to know that your partner is HIV negative when having sex. No doubts the test might not shown an accurate result if use within the Window Period. Therefore, it is always safe to wear condom !
  21. The envelope really fits into my mail box nicely. I was out for lunch and when i am back, i saw a brown envelope in the mail box. Thanks. The parcel is nicely packed as well.
  22. Fedex mail rox !
  23. Thanks. Good customer service by the way.
  24. Cheers dude. You make my day.
  25. Had a very bad experience with condom. I didn't know that it breaks so easily. Now i can really rest my mind. Thanks a lot.
  26. It is really never too late to get tested.