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September 09, 2009

Insurance companies in China are being ordered to scrap liability exempt clauses for accidental injury policies holders with HIV/AIDS.

The Insurance Association of China will require all providers to remove the clauses covering accidental death or disability and long-term insurance cover by the start of October, reports China Daily.

Xia Guomei, from the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, explained that the discriminatory clauses are standard in most accident insurance contracts.

However, changing attitudes means that HIV/AIDS is now classed as a chronic infectious disease and therefore the injury and medical compensation for accidents should not be linked to the HIV/AIDS status of the claimant.

Hao Yang, deputy director with the Disease Control and Prevention Bureau under the Ministry of Health, said: "We are glad to see the positive change and hope insurance companies strictly follow the new document."

Last month, China Daily claimed that the nation has a total of 276,000 reported cases of HIV/AIDS with 45,000 recorded in 2008.

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