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How Sexual Agreements Affect HIV Risk, Relationship Satisfaction

A new study examining the relationship dynamics of gay male couples finds t...
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AIDS Drugs Given To Pregnant Women Block 99 Percent Of HIV Transmission To Breastfed Babies

An international clinical trial led by researchers at the Harvard School of...
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Association between depression and sexually transmitted infections

January 23, 2009

Depression is common in people with sexually transmitted infections, Canadian researchers report in the December edition of Sexually Transmitted Infections. The researchers suggest that programmes should be designed to tackle depression in patients with sexually transmitted infections.

Delaying sexual health appointment beyond 48 hours has no public health implications

January 13, 2009

Failure to see patients requesting a sexual health appointment within the UK government’s target of 48 hours does not have public health consequences, according to a study published in the December edition of Sexually Transmitted Infections. Patients who were not seen within 48 hours did not have a higher prevalence of sexually transmitted infections than those seen within the government’s target. Nor did patients who were not seen promptly engage in any risky sexual behaviour.

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