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How To Use EZ-TRUST HIV Home Test Kit?

Content of the EZ-TRUST

How To Use EZ-TRUST?

EZ-TRUST HIV Home Test Kit is an easy to use product which does not require any other devices or external equipments. Just follow the step-by-step demonstrated and remember to read the important notes below. Manual is also be supplied in the real kit itself.

Tear open the Alcohol Prep

Clean your finger

Push in and twist the knob of the Lancet

Pull out the knob

Place the Lancet at the finger and press the trigger to prick the finger

Collect about 1 to 2 drops of blood sample using Micro Pipette

Place about 1 drop of blood sample into the Sample Well using the Micro Pippette

Open the cap of the Diluent Bottle

Place about 2-4 drops of Diluent Liquid into the Sample Well slowly

Read results within 10 minutes

*Important Note

  • When performing the HIV test, the steps must be followed closely Use within 10 minutes after opening.
  • For Single Test Only.
  • Do not share lancet.
  • Dispose properly after use.
Please note that the HIV Test Kit is an aid only to identify individual at this point of time. Doctors advise that the typical period of time between first contact and a positive test indication is about 90 days. Meaning test once now and again in 90 days time. Few tests can be done during the period to get a more accurate result.


  • Designed for in vitro diagnostic use only.
  • Do not use HIV Test Kit beyond the specified expiry date.
  • The test device should not be reused.
  • When performing the HIV test, the steps must followed closely.
  • The user must be fully aware of the 3 months "Window Period". The "Window Period" is the time it takes for a person who has been infected with HIV to react to the virus by creating HIV antibodies. The 3 months "Window Period" is the standard guideline used by doctors when conducting the HIV test in Clinics and Hospitals.

    It is advisable to do 2nd testing outside the 3 months "Window Period".

2 Test Kits for $49.89 only


When performing the EZ-TRUST HIV Home Test Kit, the steps involved must be followed closely, If there has been a possible exposure to infected blood, and the person tested negative for HIV, the test must be repeated in 90 days. It is imperative that a positive HIV test result be followed by a Western Blot or PCR test performed by a doctor or clinic to confirm if you are indeed HIV positive. Since NO test, nor test kit is infallible, it is best to confirm test results by using a licensed medical testing facility. For one time usage only.