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1 Min Test Lab was established in 1999 to help cancer patients with the disease as well as provide the necessary support for their treatments; mentally and physically. We have since branched off into a niche market in supplying certified HIV Test Kit / HIV Antibody Test Kit to Hospitals and Clinics.
It is currently estimated that as many as a third of people with HIV in the UK are unaware that they are infected with the virus...

Our HIV Home Test Kit Features :-

HIV Test Kit Features


Clinically proven to be more than 99.9% accurate. The HIV Test Kit detects for HIV Antibody.


Non-invasive, simple finger prick sample is all that is needed


  • The HIV Kit is evaluated by International Health Boards
  • Approved by Local Authorities and used in clinics, Hospitals and Test Labs.
  • Pending approval at final stages in other African countries and in UAE.
EZ-TRUST Rapid HIV Home Test Kit has been thoroughly and successfully tested for its reliability accuracy and sensitivity by regional health ministries and major reputable hospitals in Singapore.

EZ-TRUST Rapid HIV Home Test Kit

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There are dozen of HIV Test Kit in the market and which HIV Kit is reliable?

Our products comply with ISO 9001 therefore the HIV Kit are reliable and safe to use. The HIV Kit are different from any other unknown China manufactured HIV / AIDS / STD Home Test Kit that you might come across online as we are fully certified and approved by major bodies. Any manufacturing errors are unlikely therefore the HIV Kit will give you very accurate and reliable results.

The advantage of a HIV Home Test Kit is that you do not have to return to get your test result - results are readily available in about 5 minutes. HIV Test Kit are single-use and do not require laboratory facilities or highly trained staff.

The HIV Kit are not home sampling. You DO NOT need to mail back the blood sample. The results are immediate.